Website design is a whole new world. There is colour, flash, java, CMS – starting to sound like Greek?

The first website I built, was a html site, requiring extensive updating daily. With the migration to Joomla, updating became easier, and I developed several sites for clients.

For the past 5 years, I migrated the Joomla sites to WordPress which is also a Content Management System. WordPress and Joomla allow you, the client to update your own website and add content as needed with some minor training. A huge benefit to the website designer and owner with content management systems, is the opportunity to create a fresh, updated site by changing the template.

Call 705.943.6847 and I will help you to decide on what sort of website you would like and assist you with the design from the ground up.

Here are some of the sites I have designed:

The first version of grundtwerks in Joomla.

Wagging Tails Kennel in Wawa.

Also known as Fort Friendship, this property is for sale.

This website was designed for the client and is now being maintained by the client.

A Wawa business, located 20km north of the town.

The owner of this business has since retired.

Wawa-news is still in operation and and has been migrated three times – HTML, Joomla, and finally to WordPress.

The owner has now retired.